I can’t remember the school shooting, I believe it was the Uvalda School shooting, but some Congress person, I believe wrote up a bill to have like double locking doors or an alarm on the rear entrance(maybe another reader can fill in the details), except when bill was presented to Biden to sign, he vetoed, but he’s the first to want to take your guns or weapons away. Sorry, I just can’t say President Biden, he organized a system to steal the election. He’s the fraudulent knucklehead! I do not recognize him as the 46th President!

Everything good and honorable, Biden Vetoes.

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From the very earliest beginnings of his term Biden has been as fanatically committed to disarming Americans as he has been uncommitted to vetting the millions of folks storming our southern border. Now, add in yesterday's "If only there was something I could do about these school shootings" speech and you know there's something deeply wrong going on. When the government of the United States demonstrates more interest in arming soldiers along the Ukrainian border than protecting our schoolchildren via armed guards you can't escape the conclusion our beloved country has gone off the beam in a big way.

[Speaking of things that don't smell right ----I'm concerned, based on incendiary comments coming from his lap dogs in the media, Biden WANTS violence to erupt over the obscenely screwy Trump indictment handed down in New York----so much so as to toy with the idea of manufacturing some if it doesn't spring up on it's own. The Biden regime can feel power slipping from their hands and they have a lot to fear from a Trump presidency. Don't be too surprised if they stage something which justifies the imposition of quasi-martial law conditions ---curfews, limitations on the right to assemble for the purpose of airing grievances, summary confiscation of property, curtailing of gun rights, etc., etc.]. The very idea of another Trump presidency is pushing Biden's folks closer and closer to embracing Benito's Italy or Adolf's Germany.

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