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"World Trade Organization in 2001, on terms that were incredibly beneficial to the Communist regime in Beijing, but brutally damaging for American workers". I haven't thought of it in this manner. Amazing how simple this is to highlight.

I signed up, an appropriate concept.

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Are you going to post anything on this Substack anymore or did I pay for a subscription that doesn't deliver any product? As an economist, I'm sure you can understand my concern on where my hard-earned money actually goes to.

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Since you will be in the neighborhood when I hear you speak on 19 May , 2023 in Springfield, Ohio I am extending to you 2 invitations:

1. Visit Ohio's largest and best retail cigar selection at www.thewharf.com where , after hours, Rudy Giuliani smoked, drank and relaxed for several hours.

2. Birthplace of the GOP at White Hall Farm antebellum mansion and museum for a private tour.

See you soon,

Franklin L. Blackstone

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The U.S. Supreme Court has determined:

"Included in the right of personal liberty and the right of private property--partaking of the nature of each--is the right to make contracts for the acquisition of property. Chief among such contracts is that of personal employment, by which labor and other services are exchanged for money and other forms of property."

Coppage v. Kansas, 236 U.S. 1, at 14. (1915).

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Note 3 of the "Economy Case" reads as follows:

"3. The term "taxpayer" in this opinion is used in the strict or narrow sense contemplated by the Internal Revenue Code and means a person who pays, overpays, or is subject to pay his own personal income tax (See Section 7701(a)(14) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.) A "nontaxpayer" is a person who does not possess the foregoing requisites of a "taxpayer."

Economy, supra, nt.3, at 590.

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the labor unions have always betrayed their members; they have allowed politicians to treat them as something other than free men and women with unalienable rights endowed by our CREATOR. They have denigrated their free status by naming them as "taxpayer(s).

The United States Courts have ruled:

"The revenue laws are a code or system in regulation of tax assessment and collection. They relate to taxpayers, and not to nontaxpayers, and no attempt is made to annul any of their rights and remedies in due course of law. With them Congress does not assume to deal, and they are neither of the subject nor of the object of the revenue laws."

Long v. Rasmussen, 281 F. 236, at 238. (1922); Economy Plumbing and Heating v. U.S., 470 F.2d 585, at 589. (1972).

The Unions have allowed the theft of wages (property) from members by the employer under the guise of supposedly collecting taxes.

Since the so-called "income taxes" are in their nature an excise, what activities were these members involved in that was taxable for revenue purposes?

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Love this! Will sign up as well...

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